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For many foodies, it’s not a question of which restaurant is good—it’s a question of where to get the chile rellenos they’re craving, masterfully prepared to perfection. Therein lies the raison d’etre of Dishola, a user-driven website devoted to the best dishes in gastronomic destinations around the world. Launched in January 2007, Austin, Texas-based Dishola eschews general restaurant reviews in favour of dish-specific advice and information. Passionate eaters can post a “Dish Wanted” query, for example, to find out where to get those rellenos—or whatever they happen to crave—in their neck of the woods. They can read smart reviews by Dishola editors, industry professionals and other members, as well as posting reviews and photos of their own favourite dishes. “Food safaris” on the site help users discover new dishes, while those not sure what they’re craving can take a spin on its “Dish Roulette” for inspiration. Dishola currently includes reviews of dishes in almost 300 cities around the world—albeit most of them in the United States—by more than 1,000 users representing more than 100 cities. In much the same way that consumers tend to seek out product reviews rather than general reviews of stores or even manufacturers, Dishola’s dish-focused approach promises to make it more practical and useful for taste-driven eaters than traditional restaurant guides. And given how big the world of food is, this one cries out for localized versions—how about bringing it to the food-loving community near you? Spotted by: Laura Bond Williams



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