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“Eat, drink and be famous” is the motto at Spotlight Live, a hot new nightspot nestled in the heart of New York’s Time Square that’s serving up whimsical American cuisine and American Idol style entertainment. A four-story performance amphitheatre, Spotlight Live is a far cry from your average hole-in-the-wall karaoke bar. Aspiring popstars and starlets of all ages can work with a team of entertainment professionals—from make-up artists and choreographers to back-up singers and dancers—to create live performances they will remember for a lifetime. Acts are broadcast online via streaming video and on Spotlight Live’s own Times Square Jumbotron! Private recording booths are also available for those who want to cut tracks without taking to the stage. And performers can purchase CDs, DVDs and even posters or other memorabilia to commemorate their shows. The audience gets involved, too: Spotlight Live has employed some cool technology to make the experience interactive.“Diners can vote on their favourite performance, instant message other tables and post comments online using touch-screens at each table.” With talent-based reality shows like American Idol still creating a buzz around workplace water coolers, it’s a smart move to cash in on those looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Contact: 212-262-1111 Spotted by:


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