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Direct sales: tasting parties for foodies


In a new twist on the direct sales model made popular by Tupperware, My Secret Kitchen brings something to parties that any event already needs: great food. When a customer hosts a My Secret Kitchen Tasting, he or she only has to supply the guests and beverages, and the consultant does the rest, arriving about one hour early to set up and prepare foods for attendees to sample. Selections include Chili Chocolate Fondue, Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Mix, Beer Bread, Maple Caramel Sauce and Blossom Honey Chai, with seasonal products introduced twice a year. Each has its own unique story and at least five different uses. All products are made from high-quality, recognizable ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors. Hosts receive a thank-you gift, plus GBP 5 worth of products for every GBP 50 sold at the tasting. Anyone with an appreciation for trying new and exotic foods—or even just those who frequently get stuck in meal-planning ruts and could use some new ideas—is likely to warm up to this one. The website offers information for prospective consultants. And like-minded entrepreneurs may just be inspired to take advantage of the concept of tasting parties for other culinary delights, such as wines and spirits, cookies and candies, or prepared foods for special dietary needs. Spotted by: Phil Moran



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