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Helping consumers see money left in their wallets, 23-year-old James Murray Wells has shaken the British prescription glasses industry. Managing director and co-owner of Glasses Direct, Murray Wells began his no-frills web store offering specs for as low as 10 percent of the price of many high street stores. The business idea was born when Murray Wells was faced with a GBP 150 bill for glasses. At the time he was still studying and the cost was unreasonable. By contacting the lens labs directly, Murray Wells managed to get an identical pair for just GBP 7. Clearly there was a market for an online business and shortly after Glasses Direct was created. But not without backlash from all the big players, who were furious at the extent to which Murray Wells was undercutting them. The concept is simple and easy. All that consumers need to do prior to ordering is have a copy of a prescription that is less than two years old. Alternatively, consumers can go to a local optician have their eyes tested. Following the eye test, the optician is obliged to give the consumer a copy of their prescription. Glasses Direct specs are only available in the UK, and the US has retailers like Goggles4U and, but there are growth opportunities worldwide. In just two years of being in business, Murray Wells has sold in excess of 70,000 pairs of glasses. Anyone with a keen eye for business can see where this venture could lead. Pardon the pun 😉



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