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Shopping app finds products from TV and online video


Ever enables users to purchase products they see on video or television using a smartphone app that finds the product for them.

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We have seen apps that help shoppers find items they see in magazines, or let them take photos of any outfit to find out where to buy it. But tracking down products after seeing it on television still requires laborious investigation. Now a new app is offering an instant search function for products users see on TV.

Ever offers a two screen experience, so the entertainment is not interrupted while users shop. To use, viewers launch the app while watching shows or films. Whenever they see a product they love, they can press the Ever button to instantly find and purchase the item — users can even shop for homeware and onscreen locations, and book a holiday at, say, Verdana Palace in Malta, where scenes from Game of Thrones was filmed. The app uses real-time frame capture, and a deep learning detection system to identify items in the frame. It will also offer cheaper alternatives for budget-conscious users.


The developers also offer Ever Extension, which provides the same experience for laptops and tablets, so users watching a YouTube video or live-stream can easily search for products.

Ever offers shoppers a seamless way to identify and purchase items they see onscreen, while providing video creators with a new channel to monetize content. What are some other ways to integrate digital entertainment with e-commerce?



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