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Disposable toothbrush is made from paper


The war against plastics has found a new target - disposable toothbrushes

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Spotted: An increasing number of everyday objects are adapting to become more environmentally friendly. From a sunshade, to technology that can turn any everyday appliance smart, the gradual evolution of products we use everyday will ensure our progression as a society into a more sustainable future. However, the war on plastic focuses almost solely on plastic bags and straws. With the majority of consumers aware of the damage these products can cause, the next target for anti-plastic campaigners is toothbrushes. From hotels and airlines alone, around 6 tons of plastic waste is produced from toothbrushes everyday. Ukraine’s Effa is now fighting this drain with their paper toothbrushes.

The body of the Effa toothbrush is made of paper, covered with a nano-layer of PLA. PLA is a material of cornstarch and improves the resilience of paper. The section that holds the bristles is also made from PLA, to improve structural integrity. Nylon mixed with castor oil makes up the bristles themselves. The packaging dissolves in water, thereby making sure that the entire product is environmentally-friendly from start to finish.

The toothbrush is just the start of Effa’s sustainable journey. Between now and 2021, the startup seeks to create a range of environmentally-friendly household products. They aim to encourage consumers to care about the environment every second of their lives, and provide the means to act upon that care.

Their main target market is hotels and airlines, but also prisons. Their desire to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic counterpart is mainly in answer to disposable toothbrushes that are often thrown away after just one use. Effa is the finalist of the 2018 clim@ competition for startups organised by the Green for Growth Fund (GGF).



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