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Diabetic doll helps children understand illnesses

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American Girl's diabetic care kit and arm crutches help children create a doll as unique as themselves.

Dolls were once criticized for creating unrealistic expectations in young children and pandering to stereotypes. But now doll makers are trying to break these clichés by designing more diverse alternatives. American Girl has developed a doll set that includes a diabetes care kit and arm crutches to help children understand diseases better, and to let them create a doll which better represents them.

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The diabetic toy kit comes with a blood sugar monitor, an insulin pump, a medical bracelet, and a log book, and another kit comes with a set of arm crutches for the company’s 18 inch dolls. The development came after a petition on — started by an 11-year-old — that called on the company to create diabetic accessories for their dolls. American Girl already has models which feature a bald doll, a doll with a hearing aid, and a wheelchair for dolls.

The company says the accessories aim to help them reflect the diverse range of girls who play with their products. How else can toy makers help children growing up with health difficulties play and learn?




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