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Alternative advertising approaches appear frequently on the pages of Springwise, including the efforts of Curb, Samsung and Brand Girl that we covered just in the last week. Aiming to make it easier for brands to find such opportunities, DOmedia is an online marketplace and community designed specifically to support the alternative advertising industry. Ohio-based DOmedia, which launched into beta in late 2007, bills itself as a sort of matchmaking service for media buyers and media sellers. Listed in its media database, for example, are opportunities to advertise on college student notebooks, on phone kiosks, on golf carts and in restrooms. Media buyers can search through the listings on DOmedia for opportunities they like—searching by geography, advertising category or venue, for example—using its campaign management tools to save, share and organize the ones they identify. Media sellers, meanwhile, can use the site to promote their inventory. Members of the site can also use the DOmedia community to share thoughts on alternative advertising campaigns, comment on industry trends, ask questions of other industry professionals and promote best practices. Finally, the online DOmedia library provides a glossary of terms, new technology spotlight and DMA rankings, among other information. Listings and searches through DOmedia are free; eventually, the company plans to offer paid subscription services as well, according to an article in Advertising Age. As traditional advertising continues to struggle, alternative approaches will be sure to expand. No shortage of opportunities making all the right connections! Spotted by: Ozgur Alaz



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