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Donny Cards

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Selling donations in the shape of telephone cards? Ease of use, combined with a fun approach and bite-sized portions, make Donny Cards a prime example of non-profit sachet marketing.

Not every new business idea needs to be complicated. And not every business idea has to be for-profit! Check out Dutch Donny Cards, a super simple yet very smart way to entice consumers to donate to a good cause of their choice. Donny Cards resemble prepaid phone cards, bar code included, colorfully depicting a good cause. A clear explanation of the cause and/or project can be found on the back of the card. Currently displayed in a handful of gas stations and supermarkets in The Netherlands, the cards are easily added to other purchases by altruistic consumers. After the cards are scanned at the cash register, the EUR 2 donation is simply added to the bill, and the merchant credits the beneficiary. Launching charities are Dutch Red Cross, Amnesty International and Novib/Oxfam.


Donny Cards’ main strength is that they make it easy and fun for consumers to be generous in bite-sized portions. Think of it as SACHET MARKETING for a good cause. The strong visuals add to the appeal. Even donating money needs to be an experience in today’s economy 😉


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