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Double strength coffee keeps coders awake

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Programmers can get a discount on this high-caffeine coffee blend by completing a coding challenge.

Aimed at hard-working coders, <dev.Coffee/> is a brand of high-caffeine organic beans. The startup is marketing its blend specifically to programmers, by emphasizing the potential for increased productivity and concentration. More than that, it offers a 20 percent discount to anyone who can complete a coding challenge, and hosts over 14,000 video programming tutorials for customers on its website.

<dev.Coffee/> is a blend of arabica and robusta coffee beans roasted in Charleston, South Carolina. The startup claims their coffee has twice the caffeine of an average cup. Plus, it is a healthier option than energy drinks, which are often high in sugar content and unnatural ingredients. The coffee market is saturated with providers of high-quality beans. Could other businesses set themselves apart by catering to a niche?



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