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Taking a Vocation Vacation, potential career-changers can test-drive their dream job before taking the plunge. A few years ago, Vocation Vacations’ founder Brian Kurth left his job and tried something new. Realizing he wasn’t the only person stuck in a corporate lifestyle he didn’t enjoy, he came up with the idea of making it possible for others to test the waters without having to quit their jobs. The idea is simple: customers use the ‘Dream Job Finder’ to pick a job they’d like to try out. They’re matched with a mentor in the field, depending on their location and schedule. ‘Vocationers’ can sign on as apprentices to expert fashion designers, meteorologists, wedding coordinators, ranch owners, photographers, or one of over 75 other careers. Fees for a few days on the job, excluding lodging and transportation, range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Whether their plan is to jump-start a new career, pursue their passions or just enjoy a new adventure, the point is to let participants experience the reality of their dream job. Helping participants set and realize their goals, every Vocation Vacation is preceded and followed by an assessment session with a professional career/life coach. In Vocation Vacations’ words: “happiness and passion can and should be an integral part of what you do”. As more consumers seek control over their own destiny (see masters of the youniverse for more), this concept should work well all over the world. One to copy, or to team up with?


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