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Made in Hungary, the Kenguru is a small vehicle that drivers can roll into without leaving their wheelchairs. Designed by Zsolt Varga, Kenguru is small, stylish and cheerful vehicle whose contours are similar to those of a Smart car. But the resemblance stops there. Made to hold one passenger in a manual wheelchair, the Kenguru doesn’t have doors or seats. To get in, the driver opens the extra large back hatch and rolls inside while remaining seated in his wheelchair, which automatically locks into place inside the car. A joystick instead of a steering wheel means that drivers with limited arm mobility can comfortably control the vehicle. (Source: Index.) Kengurus are electrically powered, have a range of 40-60 km, and reach speeds of 35-40 km/hour, making them best suited to relatively short commutes. Listed price is HUF 2,790,000 (EUR 10,250 / USD 12,920 / GBP 6,980). The vehicle within a vehicle approach is simple and clever. Offering wheelchair-bound consumers greater freedom and independence, Kenguru should sell well around the world. Time to organize distribution rights for your market!



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