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Drivers get free bodywork quotes by snapping the damage

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Fixico enables drivers to get three free quotes for cosmetic repairs to their car, just by uploading photos from their phone.

When it comes to cosmetic damage to cars, photographs usually provide enough information for bodywork repair shops to work out if they can help. Putting that knowledge into practice, Fixico is a Dutch startup that lets car owners find a place to get their car fixed via a free app or web platform.


Fixico has over 400 refinishers on its books and takes a commission from all the jobs it enables. To begin, the driver takes photographs of the damage on their smartphone. Once uploaded, these are shown to nearby bodywork repairers, who give them a free quote within 24 hours. Fixico then shows the driver three options, their quote and the reviews of each repair shop. Once the motorist has selected their preferred repair shop, Fixico organizes the repair work, which always comes with a four year warranty.

We have already seen an app offer item-by-item insurance by chatting to a bot. Could other repairs be organized in this way, one thing at a time?



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