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Ducks now have their own lanes on UK towpaths

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Designated duck lanes have been introduced on towpaths in the UK, encouraging people to be mindful of the animals who share the walkways.

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In many cities across the UK, towpaths run adjacent to the canals. These slender lanes are shared by runners, cyclists and walkers — as well as hundreds of ducks who make their homes nearby. Now, the Canal and River Trust have launched a campaign to remind human towpath users to be mindful of their feathered co-occupants — using designated duck lanes, complete with their own duck-shaped road symbols.


The duck lanes have been introduced on towpaths throughout London, Birmingham and Manchester as part of an effort to encourage users to be considerate of each other and the wildlife around them. More than 400 million visits are made to the towpaths annually and the Canal and River Trust has been tasked with preserving the unique, calm atmosphere of the walkways. The lanes have been spray-painted onto the paths, along with regular duck-shaped symbols and the message #sharethespace.


What else could be done to encourage people to have better manners in crowded places?



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