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E-ink keyboard can be customised for different languages


A new e-ink keyboard can be customised for individual users to allow for more flexible ways of working.

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Spotted: For those who need to work in more than one language, keyboards present a particular problem. While the QWERTY keyboard configuration is standard for typing in English, each language has its own configuration. For example, the most common French arrangement is called AZERTY. Nemeio, part of French tech conglomerate LDLC have come up with a solution – a customisable software keyboard.

The new keyboard was unveiled at the annual CES in Las Vegas. The e-ink keyboard can be customised key-by-key. It offers the power of Apple’s MacBook Pro Touch Bar in a full keyboard interface. The keyboard connects to both Mac and PC via Bluetooth. It comes with language-specific presents, along with a desktop app that lets users drag and drop icons onto whatever keys they want. The keyboard’s function row can also be customised to automatically launch apps and websites. For example, designers could set up the keyboard to contain photoshop commands in place of number keys.

Users at the CES reported the keyboard had some issues with poor travel and lag time. However, the keyboard is still in the prototype stage. Nemeio hope to start shipping the device in the summer of 2019. They plan to set the price somewhere between €279 ($300) and $450 ($500). Keyboard innovations are not a new idea. Springwise previously covered the cloud-connected Das keyboard, which can be programmed to conduct a range of productivity-focused tasks. Researchers in London created a finger-aware keyboard that enabled types to trigger different shortcut commands by using different fingers or postures.



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