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Earphone technology | Photo source Pixabay

Ear device uses authentication technology to prevent fraud


NEC Corporation hopes its earphone technology will stop smartphone leaks of passwords and confidential information.

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Japan-based NEC Corporation has unveiled the prototype of its earphone device that enables safe and secure computing. The device is equipped with NEC’s unique otoacoustic authentication technology, which recognizes the characteristics of a user’s ear in order to enable hands-free authentication. This enables users to safely and securely activate their computing devices, without distracting their attention to type in a password on a smartphone, for example.

Reports of leaked passwords related to smartphone use have become increasingly common according to NEC, so it hopes the device will reduce these risks by providing an additional layer of personalized security.

The prototype’s motion sensor can also be used to estimate user locations, even in indoor environments where GPS signals can be obstructed. This can help provide guidance to users who become lost in large facilities, such as shopping malls or airports. This authentication device connects to a smartphone and other devices via Bluetooth Low Energy to access the internet, and also has a microphone, a speaker, and a 9-axis motion sensor that is equipped with acceleration, gyroscope, and geomagnetic sensors.

Biometric identification is becoming increasing popular in the technology world, with a credit card that uses fingerprints to pay and facial recognition speeding up boarding at a British airport being two recent examples. How could biometric technology add security to other public areas?




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