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rX earbuds

Wearable device creates personal mixing desk at live music shows

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A wearable device connects to 5 audio channels during live music shows enabling users to tailor the mix to personal music preferences.

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Spotted: Musicians are clearly seeing the potential for technology in performances, with wearables such as interactive LEDs, and personal live shows all over the world making use of Argument Reality (AR). However, live shows can still mean compromised sound for some users.

PEEX has now developed a system that overcomes this problem – users wear a lightweight device and receiver called rX, which allows them to create a mixing desk for users at live shows. A set of earbuds are connected to the wearable and are combined with an app that gives users a direct line to the audio produced onstage. This serves two functions: improved sound quality and access to a customisable mixing desk.

The wearable works by PEEX installing a receiver by the stage prior to the show. The performers’ instruments will all travel through this receiver, creating five audio channels representing the instruments. The PEEX app displays the five channels with a sliding audio button, so users can pump the bass while dropping the vocals, all according to their music taste.

As the band plays, live audio is transmitted to several WiFi receivers placed around the venue, giving users a cleaner sound, wherever they’re located. However, the earbuds are designed to let in the sound of the PA (and adjust to match the speed of the slower PA output) so users still get a sense of atmosphere and can’t accidentally ruin the sound experience completely.

In addition, PEEX also provides a sample of live recording shows. This feature will allow PEEX to let users purchase live recordings as a memento in the future. The system has already been used at recent Elton John concerts.



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