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Bitcoin app

Earn bitcoin by answering questions and completing simple tasks


New app allows users to earn bitcoin by answering questions from people outside their network.

Bitcoin is the basis for an increasing number of disruptive tech startups. Recently we wrote about this Chinese company that allows users to sell back their unwanted bandwidth to earn bitcoin currency, and this African mobile payment system that integrates mobile payment structures across Africa. Now, app allows users to earn bitcoin in exchange for answering messages and completing simple tasks.

Users build their own profile on the website, and then companies and individuals use the web interface to send users messages and tasks. These can be completed in the app, at which point those completing the tasks receive a reward in bitcoin. Once rewarded they can cash out their bitcoin to a bitcoin wallet or Coinbase account. Self proclaimed as ‘like LinkedIn Inmail, but you get paid’, the app allows users to receive paid messages from people outside their network.

The app is a way of harnessing the power of its user base to mine bitcoin. Could something similar to this bitcoin system soon be integrated into every phone and computer?




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