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Plant-powered deodorant

Eco-friendly natural deodorant offers recyclable refills


A new refillable deodorant uses 50 percent less plastic than a regular disposable deodorant.

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Natural deodorant brand Myro has launched its offering that will appeal to the eco-conscious. The recyclable deodorant is made without aluminium, parabens, phthalates or talc that are often found in standard deodorants. Instead, Myro is created using clean ingredients such as barley powder to keep users dry and essential oils that release scent gradually.

The deodorant’s case is a refillable pod that is made of 50 percent less plastic than a standard deodorant, with a cap that locks to prevents leaks. The casing is TSA-compliant and therefore travel friendly, and is even durable enough to be put in the dishwasher. The edged design was created so the deodorant can’t roll away and it is operated with a twist motion. When it comes to refilling Myro, users simply twist the casing ten times to release the product and insert a refill. Myro is proudly cruelty-free, designed for all genders and a fully recyclable product. Cases are available in five colours and five different scents costing just 10 USD.

Plastic alternatives have boomed in popularity over the past year thanks to raised awareness. Innovators such as this drinks manufacturer that created edible straws to accompany its canned beverages are leading the way in this field. Elsewhere, researchers are also trying to think of ways to replace the potentially harmful use of plastic in products. One example is a biodegradable plastic film that could be used in place of polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET. How could you replace single use plastics in your everyday life?



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