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Last month, we wrote about two eco-chic entrepreneurs from the world of fashion. A new, related spotting just came in from Germany: Feuerwear. Launched earlier this year, Feuerwear creates bags and belts from used fire hoses. Designed by engineering graduate Martin Klüsener, the accessories come in red or white, and are hand-made. Since every product is fabricated from a different piece of firehouse, each one is unique. (Similar to Freitag bags, which are made from truck tarps and seatbelts.) Linking to the traditionally male nature of fire-fighting, the bags are named Jack, Hank, Larry and Bill, and look suitably rugged and tough. They’re priced between EUR 79 and EUR 98. Sounds like a good one for the back to school crowd. Any child that obsesses over fire trucks will no doubt treasure a bag made from an actual recycled fire hose. Feuerwear articles are currently sold via the brand’s online shop, and in a select number of stores in Germany. Considering it’s early days for this company, distribution rights for the rest of the world should be easy to snap up.



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