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Online marketplace focuses on eco-friendly vehicles

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In recent weeks we’ve seen electric vehicles reaching a more mainstream audience using retail stores in Japan. Now bringing eco-friendly vehicles to an online audience in the UK, EcoForecourt is a new online marketplace that strictly limits listings to vehicles with emissions of 130g/km C02 or less. While the selection on EcoForecourt is not limited to electric vehicles, the site also highlights the benefits of purchasing a low-emissions vehicle. These include financial savings on road tax and parking, alongside the obvious environmental benefits. Buyers are able to search using a slider that determines the “Eco Friendly” rating for each car; from “Kinda Friendly” to “Ultra Friendly”. More standard search options such as price, model and location are also available. Meanwhile, sellers can currently list their vehicles for free. The website also offers a selection of the latest news relating to green vehicles, and a number of tips for both buyers and sellers. We hear that EcoForecourt has met with a particularly enthusiastic reaction in London, where legislation means that the benefits of owning an eco-friendly vehicle are particularly exaggerated. Something to offer to increasingly eco-conscious consumers in other cities around the world…?



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