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Edible coffee bars

Edible coffee bars make a caffeine fix totally portable

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Made from the entire coffee cherry, this new way of consuming coffee is also good for the environment.

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Created by a team of dedicated coffee-lovers, Coffee Pixels’ edible coffee bars provide additional health and environmental benefits. The bars are made from coffee, taste like coffee and are available in different flavors and strengths that mimic peoples’ preferences for the various styles of the drink. As an edible solid, the bars make getting a caffeine fix easy and available anytime, anywhere.

Up to 80 percent of coffee is eventually discarded as waste across the entire process from picking to brewing, so the Coffee Pixels team wanted to find a more sustainable way to enjoy the product that is loved by so many. Their solution is to use the whole coffee fruit, not just the bean, to create the edible bars. Doing so produces a coffee product that is higher in fiber, richer in antioxidants and absorbed more slowly by the body, providing a longer release of energy. Coffee Pixels pays market wages for its coffee and is continuing to strive for zero waste production by considering developing packaging made from the husk of the bean. Currently available in shops in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany, the bars are also for sale online.

The popularity of coffee-to-go has given rise to a tsunami of cups and lids clogging up landfill, despite many of them being recyclable. Innovations that include a one-piece compostable cup and a reusable smart cup subscription service are helping to make it easier, and provide incentives, to reuse. How could these types of product updates be linked to smart home appliances for an even more seamless, yet sustainable, process and service?




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