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EEG headband tracks focus and mood to help users improve their lifestyle

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The Melon device tracks user focus to give data on the time of day and activities during which they concentrate best.


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We recently saw the Mico EEG headphone and app that automatically detects wearers’ moods and plays matching music. Now Melon is another example of the technology, tracking user focus to give data on the time of day and activities during which they concentrate best.

The sleekly-designed rubber ring has been developed to feel comfortable worn around the head during activities ranging from exercise, study, work and listening to music. While undergoing these activities, the Melon uses an EEG sensor to monitor brainwaves and detect when the mind is focused. Users initiate a session through the companion smartphone app, entering the type of activity, their location, what music they are listening to, whether they’re with other people or alone, and what emotions they’re feeling at the time. When enough data is collected, the app is able to paint an accurate picture of which environments the user is most comfortable in. Users can view trends based on the data – for example, the app may indicate that listening to classical music is good for focus while working at night, or that exercising with friends is more stressful than when alone. It also offers advice for helping users relax or concentrate when it senses that they need it. The video below shows the device in action:

Having recently raised nearly triple its USD 100,000 target on Kickstarter, Melon aims to ship the headband to its backers in November. Could this kind of EEG technology help improve productivity in the workplace?

Spotted by: Tracy Chong



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