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Tours by iPad at the Eiffel Tower

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In addition to all the branded mobile apps companies are creating for their customers, it’s been interesting to see the many ways in which tablets are getting incorporated into businesses’ daily operations. We’ve seen the iPad used by airport restaurants, airlines and hotels, for instance, and recently we learned that it’s been embraced by none other than the Eiffel Tower as well. Available from the shop on the Eiffel Tower’s second floor, the official, multilingual Eiffel Tower guide on iPad offers not only a historical look of the Eiffel Tower itself and its most significant milestones, but also a 360-degree panoramic view of Paris, highlighting 80 points of interest. The preloaded devices can be rented for EUR 7 per hour. There’s no denying the tablet’s current popularity with consumers; how could you borrow some of that tech love and put the tablet to work for your app-savvy brand?



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