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Smart water bottle | Photo source Jimmy Chang on Unsplash

Electronically activated bottle opens at the touch of your lips


Eco-friendly smart water bottle opens at the touch of your lips and never spills.

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Improving the efficiency and convenience of daily consumer tasks is a sure-fire way to retain a strong customer base. Innovation surrounding common items such as water bottles are therefore highly effective even when also quite simple. Sprignwise have noted eco-friendly water bottles, such as a paper-based biodegradable water bottle. One more example is a smart water bottle that directs users to the nearest refill station.

Now US company Lyd have created a smart water bottle – the Lyd bottle – which has a spill proof automated lid. The bottle is electronically activated to open at the touch of the user’s lips, enabling users to drink from it using one hand only.  As well as ease of access, the lid protects against spillage. It closes once the user withdraws their lips from the lid making it particularly convenient to drink from when multitasking. For example, users can take a drink when driving or jogging without worrying about the contents of the bottle spilling when they put it down. The vacuum insulated bottles are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. In addition, the bottles are eco-friendly as they are reusable and also made from reusable materials.

The electronically activated lid works using an embedded touch sensor. When a user’s lips are detected, the sensor withdraws a motorised internal stopper. This allows liquid to flow out from all edges of the lid so users can drink from any side of the lid. The motorised internal stopper returns to its place once the user withdraws their lips from the Lyd bottle. An on-board rechargeable battery powers the sensor. It takes about four hours for one full wireless charge and Lyd claim that this lasts between two to four weeks depending on usage. Furthermore, users can manually operate the bottle if it runs out of charge. The user simply has to click the stopper in and out to take a drink.

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, the bottle comes in two sizes – 17 and 13-ounces. If the campaign is a success, Lyd plans to ship the bottles in November.




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