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Employees rewarded for getting involved in brands' social media strategies

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Hailing from Slovakia, the team behind Meevl has created a platform to help engage all of a company's employees with online campaigns, rather than limiting them to a dedicated team.

We’ve already seen innovations such as Planspot that make it easier for professionals to keep track of their social media strategies in one place. Hailing from Slovakia, the team behind Meevl has now created a platform to help engage all of a company’s employees with online campaigns. Considering most businesses have a dedicated team responsible for all of their output on social networks, and that employees in other departments are more than likely familiar with using them, it stands to reason that they may have good ideas that would never get used. Meevl provides a way for those teams to get everyone involved by making suggestions, with rewards offered for positive input into marketing campaigns. Employees can gain credits for their recommendations, which can be redeemed for prizes set by the company. Challenges and monthly competitions can also be set through the platform, and bosses can highlight suggestions that are particularly useful as an example to everyone else. All input is moderated through the social media team or a responsible individual to ensure that brands reputations are not damaged. The creators of Meevl – which is currently in private beta – graduated from Nashville-based accelerator JumpStart Foundry before returning to Slovakia to get the platform ready for the public. Could your business benefit from opening up its social media strategies? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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