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Empty spaces for short-term rent offer a place to relax

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UK-based startup launches a peer-to-peer marketplace to help customers find a space of their own for just a few hours.

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Have you ever fancied a power nap on your lunch break? Soon you will be able to find your very own peaceful and private space to nap thanks to London-based startup Pop and Rest. Following the sharing economy format championed by the likes of Airbnb, Pop and Rest creates a peer-to-peer marketplace where hosts offer their empty spaces on a short-term basis for up to a few hours. These spaces can be used to nap, but additionally could be utilised when waiting for check-in to open for a hotel booking, for a workout before commuting home, or simply for some quiet time alone.

The company’s objective is to transform empty rooms in flats, houses, studios, offices and other rooms into stopovers, as the short stays are coined. The entrepreneurs believe they have identified a gap in the short-break market, as it is difficult to find comfortable and practical places to recharge or work in peace. Pop and Rest are open for host applications, who will earn money for giving up their spaces for a few hours and receive concierge services from the business. All customers undergo an identification check to help ensure the safety of the hosts. Prior to its official launch, Pop and Rest are launching their Pop Pods in London from October 4. These pods will provide a space to nap, shower and relax and can be booked for 30 minutes or more.

Consumers are becoming accustomed to the instant economy, where anything they want is at the end of their fingertips. Pay-as-you-go hotels are just one example of a flexible and immediate service, while offices are bringing the corner shop to their employees with in-house smart pantry boxes, eliminating the need to even leave the building to get what they want. How could the instant, sharing economy impact outcomes at your business?




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