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Smart devices help households monitor their energy use

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Whether it’s to shrink their carbon footprint or boost their bank balance, few consumers will dispute the need for decreased energy use. Some steps are relatively easy—switching off lights, or going easy on the climate control. But for real resource management, households need to know exactly how much they’re using. To help them out, companies all over the world are launching smart energy monitoring devices and systems. A few examples we’ve spotted recently: Promoting shorter showers, Efergy’s This post is sponsored by PG&E (the Pacific Gas and Electric Company) as part of their wider focus on fighting climate change. As always, Springwise is adamant about maintaining editorial objectivity—PG&E asked us to write about energy conservation, but had no further involvement in the content of this or other posts. Check out PG&E’s We Can Do This website for more, including a feature on the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., a sustainable brewery.


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