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Erotic confectionery given a premium makeover

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United Indecent Pleasures have given erotic confectionery a luxury makeover with their new range.

Premiumization is a trend we’ve seen applied to countless products and services over the years and now, similar to Kiki de Montparnasse’s move to upgrade adult stores into high-end erotic boutiques, chocolatiers United Indecent Pleasures have given erotic confectionery a luxury makeover. The eight-inch handcrafted chocolate phalluses, made by maitre chocolatier Michel Laline and his team at the Chocolat Factory workshop in Barcelona, are priced at EUR 89.00 for one unit, including tax. Each chocolate weighs approximately 400 grams, includes no colorings or preservatives, and is delivered in a control packing system built from isothermal cardboard and foam, which ensures the confectionery arrives unharmed and at the correct temperature. Meanwhile, customers can select from a variety of luxury fillings for the chocolate, such as Valencia oranges fondant, Mozart liqueur fondant, and Irish coffee liqueur fondant. To further enforce the confectionery’s position as a high-end product, visitors to the site can choose to place an order for a customized phallus from 1 September. United Indecent Pleasures are currently accepting submissions from other organizations and individuals for additional hedonistic products which could be added to the range. As this recent spotting proves, there are very few areas or industries which can’t be premiumized, and when executed with quality, it’s usually a recipe for success!



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