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Espresso to go


Dutch MobiCcino has turned Piaggio three-wheel scooters into beautifully designed mobile coffee bars with high-end espresso machines (Kees van der Westen‘s Mirage is an object of desire for many a barista), and fold-out stainless steel bars that allow customers to enjoy their cappuccinos while they’re still frothy. Now, a mobile coffee cart is nothing new, but one that is designed to the nines, offers superior quality coffee and an outdoor bar experience, definitely isn’t run of the mill. MobicCino caters to events like the North Sea Jazz Festival, goes beachside in the summer, and has a bar parked in front of the main Dutch government buildings most weekdays. Expansion plans are ambitious: MobicCino hopes to have 1,000 mobile bars on the streets of Holland within 5 years. Next: Sao Paulo, New York, London? Set it up now and sell for millions to Starbucks or Costa Coffee three years from now. 😉


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