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European TV viewers act as jury in interactive drama

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Germany’s Das Erste channel aired Terror – Your Verdict, an interactive courtroom drama that allowed viewers to vote on the outcome of the show.


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Presenting a moral dilemma that mirrored contemporary airplane-related terror attacks, Germany’s Terror-Your Verdict drama ended with resounding agreement from viewers. Aired on the Das Erste channel, viewers were allowed to vote whether or not the show’s protagonist was guilty of murder. More than 85 percent of viewers thought he was not guilty.

The movie-length drama was aired in a number of European countries, including Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic. Local news anchors moderated the voting process, and experts debated the law and various national rulings.

As well as voting for TV show outcomes, viewers can also shop for things they see. This app helps viewers find things they like when watching TV, and this platform brings together set design collections from popular television programs or films. How might interactivity be incorporated at multiple points in shows?



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