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Evangelical couple launch discreet erotic products for Christians

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In Heaven is a line of erotic products with subtle packaging and saintly names, created especially for Brazil's evangelical community.

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An Evangelical couple in Brazil have launched a range of sex products especially for married, practicing Christians. Creators Lydia and John Ribeiro are hoping the discreet packaging and divine tone of their first four items will appeal to married Evangelicals who might usually be put off by less modest products. The pair launched their In Heaven line for faithful husbands and wives at the 22nd Erotika Fair in Sao Paulo this month.

The line is being marketed as the ‘new secret of a happy marriage’, with a lubricant called ‘Pure’ that promises to help women feel like “a virgin again” and a vibrator subtly named ‘Vibe’. In Heaven is produced and distributed by INTT Cosmetics and the line will expand to 20 items in the next three months.

By tapping into a huge — but, in this instance, neglected — market, with products from an already booming industry, the potential for success is huge. Are there other niche audiences that are being neglected by the erotic industry?


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