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Everyday items given deal-a-day twist at US grocery stores


Aisle50 in the US aim to give customers one “exceedingly excellent” grocery deal every day.

Here at Springwise we’ve seen countless variations on deal-a-day sites and apps, across a range of markets and industries. To add to that list, but with an everyday essentials twist, comes Aisle50 in the US, which aims to bring customers one “exceedingly excellent” grocery deal every day, from the most esteemed food brands. Tired with coupons, sifting through pages of newspaper fliers and navigating complicated coupon websites, Aisle50 — a team of six in North Carolina — saw an opportunity to offer shoppers substantial discounts on quality groceries, to be redeemed in a simple way. Aisle50 have partnered with supermarket chain Lowes Foods, utilizing their existing customer loyalty card. Customers are alerted with the deal of the day by email — usually around 50 percent of the normal price — and then purchase the item at that discounted rate online via Aisle50. The credit for that item is automatically loaded on to the customer’s Lowes Fresh Rewards card which, when swiped at the checkout in-store, removes the item wholly from the bill. Aisle50 aim to give better discounts and prices than offered anywhere else, and therefore their deals can’t be stacked with other coupons or offers. In their own words they aim to only offer deals on “the coolest grocery products. Some items you will know, some you will not (that’s one of the fun parts)”. They are currently only working with Lowes but are in the process of partnering with other supermarkets, and have embedded apps for iOS and Android coming soon. The video below explains how Aisle50 works in greater detail: Do you think shoppers in your area would prefer substantial discounts on premium, but everyday items, to reams of coupons and hard-to-use redemption systems? Some inspiration to be had here! Spotted by: Zachary Love



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