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An extra helping hand for new parents

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NoomiNoomi is an armlike device that attaches to prams and imitates the back and forth rocking motion parents perform when sending their babies to sleep.

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New parents are busy and anything that helps them navigate the stress of constant multitasking is welcomed. We’ve written about some interesting innovations designed to support parents before: This app, that automatically plays recordings of their parent’s voice when a baby stirs during the night. Or this wearable baby sock that detects the heart rate, body temperature and breathing patterns of a baby, sending information to parents to give them peace of mind. Now, NoomiNoomi offers a different solution, offering new parents a helping hand in the form of a portable rocker.

The portable device attaches securely onto prams and imitates the rhythmic rocking motions that parents typically perform themselves to send their babies to sleep. A rocking movement relaxes babies as it’s similar to the motion experienced in the womb. It signals the cerebellum to slow down the baby’s heart rate and calms down the baby. However, once babies associate being rocked in the arms of their parents with sleep, it can be difficult to break the cycle — NoomiNoomi is designed step in and free parents up. The patented design, created by two Israeli dads Shay Tarrab and Nati Benodiz, has the additional feature of playing calming lullabies via integrated speakers and an accompanying app. It also turns off automatically after 8 minutes to avoid waking up the baby. Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, it is priced at USD 63 for the early bird special, or USD 79 at the normal price.

How else could technology be used to support new parents?


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