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Eye-tracking software identifies children with dyslexia

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A new software uses AI and eye-tracking technology to quickly facilitate an early diagnosis of dyslexia in children.

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Many educational innovations focus on assisting pupils with disabilities and learning difficulties in the classroom. For example, a toy from the US helps young children with visual impairments learn braille. Also, in Poland, students created a navigation app to send personalised alerts to students who are blind. Now, Lexplore, a screening tool for dyslexia has been developed by researchers in Sweden. While dyslexia is a highly common learning difficulty, it is difficult to identify in young children. Therefore, Lexplore’s solution offers an opportunity for schools to discover and support children with dyslexia from a young age.

Lexplore works by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and eyetracking to analyse a child’s reading ability. The test consists of two passages for the child to read. They then must answer a number of questions related to the passage to assess their reading comprehension skills. Eye movements are tracked as the child reads in order to measure their cognitive processes. Altogether, an individual test takes place in a matter of minutes. Following the test, the child is places into one of five reading levels: Low, Below average, Average, Above average, and High. The results of the test are automatically sent for AI analysis on a cloud-based web portal, viewable by staff with authorised access.

Currently in use in schools in Sweden and the US, Lexplore plans to expand to schools around the world. It aims to do so by offering a subscription based service. Lexplore’s insights offer schools the opportunity to ensure all children are being supported as best to achieve their potential. Additionally, the tool enables educational support in an efficient way which saves both time and resources. Where else can screening tools such as Lexplore be utilised for early diagnosis and improving equality?




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