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Facebook app helps friends share books, DVDs and video games

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StuffPal is a Facebook app from Los Angeles-based Loconuts that facilitates the sharing of books, DVDs and video games among friends.

In the same way consumers can use Keepio to list and sell items through Facebook, they can now use StuffPal to share their goods. Specifically, the new Facebook app from Los Angeles-based Loconuts is designed to facilitate the sharing of books, DVDs and video games among friends. Users of the app — currently still in Beta — begin by signing in through Facebook and building a personal media library of any items they’re willing to lend to friends, including textbooks, music, DVDs and video games. Friends can then view each other’s inventories for items they might like to use. If they see something they like, the friends meet up in person for delivery; a tracking system within the app helps users stay on top of who has what and when it’s due to be returned, according to a recent post on Moms Going Green. The video below outlines StuffPal’s premise in more detail:
In today’s tough economic climate, sharing initiatives such as this one are always going to be popular with consumers, and tapping into a pre-existing social network seems a logical step for a service that relies on its users knowing each other. How can your brand help transumers avoid the bonds — and expense — of ownership? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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