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Facebook app lets runners pay with kilometers completed

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Created by Nike Mexico, the Subasta de Kilometros translates runners' distances into currency in auction.

Runners can already get reward points for their exercise minutes through the Nexercise app, which gamifies physical activity. Now sportswear company Nike Mexico has introduced its own twist on this concept with the Subasta de Kilometros, which translates runners’ distances into currency in auction. Participants must first download the Running+ app – which monitors the details of exercise, such as pace, distance and time – or buy one of the Nike+ training products, which track similar data. The Facebook app then gives users the chance to bid on the ‘Subasta de la Semana’ – the Auction of the Week – using the amount of kilometers they have tallied by using the app in the last seven days. Each auction has a suggested price tag in kilometers and a finishing date. Runners must achieve the minimum price tag to bid, and the bidder with the longest distance wins the product. Items available include Nike apparel from Nike+ equipment to footwear. The following video explains the concept in more detail: The Subasta de Kilometros gives people an incentive to increase their exercise regime and enables them to win rewards for their training. Inspiration for other retail models?



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