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Facebook posts become email newsletters

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A new service allows users to send their Facebook posts as promotional email newsletters.

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At Springwise, we have seen a number of innovations in social media. These have included using social media to get big discounts on shopping and library books available on Instagram. Now, French startup Ownpage has developed a way to turn a Facebook page into an email newsletter. The product, called Relike, allows users to easily pull their recent Facebook posts from the site to set up an emailing campaign. Thereby, allowing users to automatically send their contacts all of their best posts in a newsletter format.

As with other email newsletters, the Relike system allows users to choose from multiple templates or design their own custom template. It also allows users to schedule newsletters and send personalised newsletters. The product is designed to appeal to individuals, small companies, non-profits, and organisations that have a Facebook page but are not yet doing promotions via email. Relike has a variable pricing structure that is free to send up to 2,000 basic email newsletters a month. Users who want features such as personalised emails, removing the Relike logo, and seeing their open rates and click-through rates, will pay 5 EUR per month and an additional 0.50 EUR for every 1,000 emails.

Ownpage is an email optimisation service that works with news organisations to provide tailored newsletters. They started Relike in order to appeal to a wider range of social media managers and organisations. In the future, the company plans to add the ability to integrate Tweets and Instagram posts to the service.




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