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Facebook-style news feed helps teams keep track of their accomplishments

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Didlog helps to track employees' work on a granular level, enabling teams to quickly see who has done what.

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We’ve already seen platforms such as that help employers easily reward their best performing workers. Now Didlog helps to track employees’ work on a granular level, enabling teams to quickly see who has done what.

Every member of the team is given their own Didlog account and their work is logged onto a single dashboard that is shared with everyone. The platform can connect to online services such as Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox and GitHub, automatically pulling in activity data and populating the joint feed. Each log contains a link to the actual work that’s been completed and the system offers an overview of everybody’s work in an email summary each morning. According to its creators, Didlog can help save teams around 12 minutes each day — the equivalent of one billable hour each week.

As well as helping teams to gain an overview of the work they’ve collectively completed each day, employers can also see if members are falling behind or excelling. Are there other tools that can improve productivity in the workplace?



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