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Eco-minded promotional goods

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A company can have the best environmental track record in the world, but without consistency, an otherwise sterling image can be seriously tarnished in the public eye. Take promotional goods—a category often dominated by cheap, throw-away and plastic products. Eco-minded options have traditionally been few and far between, but now Canadian Fairware focuses on providing a wide range of sustainable alternatives. All products offered by Fairware reflect a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Custom imprinted and branded products, trade show give-aways and retail shopping totes are all among them, chosen from suppliers that abide by a code of conduct modeled after that used by the Fair Labor Association. Specifically, Fairware actively seeks out businesses that embrace ethical sourcing and environmental commitment, among other goals. Eco-minded clothes, books, electronics, stationery and umbrellas are among the goods offered in its online store, featuring a variety of organic, sustainable and recycled components. What’s the best way to craft a green image? Cultivate it step by step, encompassing every aspect of your company and its dealings with consumers. Time to try out Fairware’s eco-iconic line in your next promotional drive…? (Related: Eco-friendly gift cards & hotel key cards.) Spotted by: Verge Manuel



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