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College basketball players get paid through fan platform

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Player's Bracket from Fanstreme lets college basketball fans support their favorite players through monetary pledges.

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College basketball is a big business, earning millions of dollars for the top universities through ticket sales and licensing — but the players themselves don’t get paid. We have already seen crowdfunding sites that enable fans to make monetary pledges to promising players, and incentivize their performance on the field and in the classroom. Now, Player’s Bracket from Fanstreme makes it even easier for fans to support their favorite college players.


To begin, 32 top players from the NCAA are selected for the Player’s Bracket. Then, during the tournament, fans vote for their favorite players — with votes costing between from USD 1-5. Players progress through various stages until a winner — the player with the most votes and donations — is crowned at the end of the season. All the funds are either held in a trust until the player leaves college or alternatively, donated to charity immediately. Second and third place receive their donations, whilst the winner receives the pledges made to the rest of the league too.

Player’s Bracket was recently used during March Madness, and Villanova star player Josh Hart triumphed with 2116 points. Could similar donation pools be created for other underpaid sports?



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