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Fantasy sports league features amateur players

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Fantasy sports league fans already have myriad websites to choose from, but nearly all of them focus on professional players. UK-based Fantastar, on the other hand, offers a grassroots alternative that lets sports clubs create sport leagues based on their own teams, players and results. Fantastar enables sports clubs and schools to generate funds by setting up their own fantasy sport leagues and then charging friends, family and club members to register teams. Participants simply sign up with the site and then create their fantasy team by choosing from among players in their club or school. Scoring is designed to motivate and encourage players of all levels, helping them to develop their skills. Points are scored for performance and sportsmanship, for example, with rewards for those who play fair and penalties for those who don’t. Fantastar currently supports hockey, football/soccer, cricket, rugby, basketball, ice hockey and handball, and is used by hundreds of clubs across 13 countries. The London Wayfarers Hockey Club, for example, recently managed to draw 170 fantasy team registrations and GBP 800 through its effort. Fantastar cofounder Rob Tong explains: “To date fantasy leagues have only been associated with professional sports but our mission is to turn this on its head. By offering a similar service to schools and clubs, we can help them raise money for new kit, equipment and even training facilities. Through ploughing money back into amateur sport we hope to ensure that sport in this country has a bright future at all levels.” Indeed, Fantastar also hopes to help build interest in grassroots sports during the build-up to the 2012 Olympics. One to try out, partner with, or otherwise get involved in?



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