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Fashion brand rewards customers every time they wear their clothing


High end clothing brand uses smart tags to allow users to collect points as they wear items.

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Fashion is a key part of our everyday lives and so naturally innovators are seeking increasingly unique ways to integrate technology into clothing. From developing wearable displays to smart clothing that tracks your heart rate, clothes are now much more than just an accessory. Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has taken this integration of fashion and technology one step further.

The new range, Tommy Jeans Xplore, features smart-chip technology that rewards customers every time they wear a product. All 23 items have an embedded Awear Solutions’ Bluetooth smart tag, which connects to the iOS Tommy Hilfiger Xplore app. Direct communication between the app and the clothing allows users to collect points in real time. The more you wear an item, the more points you collect. The points themselves are redeemable for experiences like concert tickets, fashion shows, brand events, or even as product discounts and charitable donations.

This new development has also brought privacy into question surrounding how much shared data is available betweeen the tags and app. However, users receive a clear alert to the opt-in and opt-out function when they activate the tag. Additionally, the tag information is encrypted. This enables the company to obtain statistics without looking at identity content.

Available in male, female and unisex styles and colors, the range includes sweatshirts, T-shirts, jeans, jackets, and accessories. The prices are similar to that of the regular line. The Tommy Jeans Xplore range is currently only available in the US.



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