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Fashion company lets customers wear their neighborhood on their sleeve

Fashion & Beauty

monochōme is creating clothing printed with a stylized map of the customers' chosen location.

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Maps are often seen as a practical thing, but they also hold some emotional value as well, being representations of the places we live and make memories. We've already seen Woodcut Maps take this idea to make personalized artworks sourced from Google Maps. Now monochōme is doing the same for fashion, creating clothing printed with a stylized map of the customers' chosen location.

The process is a simple one. Customers first select they type of garment they want to buy — the company currently offers a flare skirt, pencil skirt, tank top or t-shirt. They then pick their city from a range that includes New York City, San Francisco, London, Paris and Amsterdam, as well as others. There are two style options — grey on black or black on white. Finally, customers can move and zoom the map to make sure their desired location takes center stage on the garment. Items range from USD 45 to USD 85.


Are there other visual services that could be turned into designs to add a custom, personal touch to physical products?



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