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Fashion subscription service

Fashion subscription service delivers all-black basics to your door

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This monthly service delivers all-black socks, underwear, a t-shirt and one other item of choice, with options to upgrade the package.

US-based LOT is a minimalist fashion fan’s dream come true with the launch of its monthly subscription service that delivers curated clothing and accessories to your doorstep. Created by designer Vadik Marmeladov, the service will send subscribers a package of all-black basics including socks, briefs and a t-shirt, in addition to an extra clothing item such as a sweatshirt, a jacket, pants or shoes, all for USD 49 per month. Each bundle arrives in minimalist packaging, folded and belted into a little black rectangle.

There is also an option to sign up for the advanced plan at USD 99 per month, which offers an additional self-care product or accessory such as an identification bracelet, hair bleach kit or charcoal soap, staying in sync with the black theme. Its team plan, available to only eight subscribers, costs USD 299 a month and offers all of the items of the standard plan with the addition of exclusive team-only accessories. LOT’s creators say the clothes are dispensable and as they wear out they can be bundled and returned, eliminating clutter. It has already earned enough subscribers to begin shipments from June 1.

Subscription services are popular with consumers, with similar offerings including a monthly health and wellbeing delivery service and a luxury car subscription offering available to drivers in New York. Where is there a gap in the market for a new type of subscription service?



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