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Fashion tech company launches 3D foot scanner for shoe shopping

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The FeetID Ecosystem can measure a shopper’s feet and send the personalized details to a phone in seconds.

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Israeli fashion-tech company Invertex has launched its 3D foot scanner FeetID Ecosystem, which combines the online and in-store shopping experience for users looking to buy shoes. FeetID’s Launch-Pad, an in-store autonomous unit, scans the feet and sends the measurements directly to the shopper’s mobile phone in seconds. The technology then guides users to the best fit in store using a cognitive match engine.

Despite a hike in online shopping popularity, only 8 per cent of shoes are sold online in the US, with return rates at around 40 per cent. Invertex believes its end-to-end solution with the individual in-store, online and mobile app components could improve these statistics by improving shopper confidence online and adding a personalized digital component to consumers in-store. Invertex recently closed its USD 2 million seed funding round for the project, which was led by OurCrowd through its OurCrowd First early stage fund.

David Bleicher, Invertex’s founder and CEO, said: “Giving the power of informed choice to customers to make the best decision when they are at a store creates great value. But really, even greater customer value accrues the moment that a customer owns their virtual FeetID model and can always shop with confidence while being recognized and rewarded for their loyalty by their retailers online and in the store.”




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