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FedEx takes parcel tracking on a melodic journey

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A new parcel tracking service by FedEx creates music using algorithmic technology.

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FedEx has turned the boring process of parcel tracking into something musically and aesthetically pleasing. Referring to it as “A Parcel’s Journey Through Sound”, SoundTrack takes algorithms extrapolated from your tracking number such as parcel dimensions and weight, method of travel, distance, weather and suchlike, then creates music based upon these results, even incorporating the musical style of the parcel’s destination – each city has its own musical sound.

A large purple dotted map of the USA is the canvas upon which the parcel’s journey is detailed. As the music begins, an animation appears detailing the customer’s parcel’s route, soaring through the sky and hurtling across roads whilst showing all the different stops it will have to make before reaching its destination.

Even if customers don’t have an actual package to chase all over America, the website allows you to create an imaginary one. Playing around with all the settings and watching the results can be a fun and novel way to create some musical art.

This service is currently only available in the USA, but could possibly spread global eventually. Delivery is one industry that’s constantly flourishing and evolving with new ideas, from Swiss Post’s drones delivering hospital samples to South Africa’s on demand WumDrop service. Is SoundTrack the kind of service people would want to see expand internationally?



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