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Review a website, get a free review in return

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Honest and impartial feedback can be hard to come by, whether it’s about one’s own appearance or a startup’s new website. We’ve already seen and RestyleMe targeting the former area; now, focusing on the latter, there’s Feedback Roulette. Now in beta, Canadian Feedback Roulette offers website owners a quick, easy and free way to get anonymous feedback on their websites. Users begin by reviewing other participating websites; when they do, they are given feedback points for their reviews. Each point entitles them to receive one review of their own website, which is being scrutinized at the same time by other users. Both sides rate the reviews their site receives, and an average rating is calculated for each reviewer. The system then uses those average ratings to match reviewers, ensuring that the review quality is roughly the same on both sides. There are currently some 2,100 users and 2,180 websites participating in Feedback Roulette, which has facilitated almost 9,000 reviews to date. (Related: Consultants offer $99 analysis of new business ideas.)



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