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We’ve already featured numerous writing-focused sites over the years, including several that aim to help authors get early feedback on their work. Page 99 Test is one recent example, but Figment serves a broader purpose by allowing writers and readers alike to share, discover and connect. New York-based Figment is a free community where users can share their writing, connect with other readers and discover new stories and authors. Covering everything from sonnets to mysteries, sci-fi stories to cell phone novels, the site enables those using it to “heart” a piece of writing, offer comments and follow the authors they like. Writers can choose to make their stories public, private or available only to select people; early access codes can even be shared with trusted readers for advance feedback. Writing, reviewing and entering contests all earn participants badges on the site, which can also be used via a mobile version. Android and iPhone apps are coming soon, as are SMS capabilities. Figment reminds us in many ways of Instant Encore, a like-minded site in the music world that not only fosters connections between fans and performers of classical music but enables online sales and donations as well. Who will partner with or emulate Figment to bring similar capabilities into the mix? (Related: Free e-book streaming and sharing with ad supportA curated marketplace for self-published booksLeanpub encourages authors to publish early & edit oftenCrowdsourcing site helps publishers find new authorsHarperCollins hopes crowds will spot next bestsellerSelling books by the chapter.) Spotted by: Mike Westdijk



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