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Film studios can test films beyond Los Angeles theatres

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Scoop offers film studios a secure platform to gather feedback on their latest productions with global audiences.

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Historically, a few months before a film is ready for release, the studio test it on a public audience. This typically takes place in a Los Angeles theatre because of the location of most film studios. Now, film fanatics can watch soon-to-release movies and provide feedback online with Scoop.

Scoop offers film studios, previously unable to do online testing for piracy reasons, a secure screening platform so they can test productions with audiences anywhere in the world to get a broader reach. Users sign up with Scoop and become part of a global network of film testers who watch soon to be released films in exchange for their reviews. Once signed up, hopeful viewers are granted a unique video copy, tracking every view and share, so those signed up are unable to share with their networks. Once viewed, audiences fill out a feedback form, helping filmmakers improve their content with consumer insights that would otherwise be hard to obtain. The startup has already signed up Sundance films and some of the larger production companies.

In November last year, we wrote about this technology which monitors viewer reactions as they watch content, providing broadcasters and programmers with in-depth viewing data. Is it possible to combine these two technologies?




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